Dr. Cynthia E. Woods

Dr. Cynthia E. Woods

LPCC-S | CEO & Clinical Director

Beachwood Location
Telehealth Platform

Population Served:
Ages 12 to Geriatric, Women and Men

Clinical Interests:
Special interests: Trauma recovery, Navigating through Grief, Marriage Counseling, Anger Management Classes.

Other areas of interest: Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Stress, Career Counseling.

Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith

Counselor Trainee

Beachwood Location
Telehealth Platform

Population Served:
I enjoy working with Children. I also counsel Adolescents, Men, Women

Clinical Interests
ADHD, Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Mood Disorders, Stress, Trauma

Sheridan Champe

Sheridan Champe

Counselor Trainee

Beachwood Location
Telehealth Platform

Population Served:
Teens, Men, & Women

Clinical Interests
Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional abuse, Grief/loss, Mood disorders, Physical Abuse, Stress, Trauma.

Grief Counseling

Do you feel like you’re in a fog after the loss of a loved one? Does it feel like everything is out of place and it’s hard to move on? Working through grief, processing the painful feelings can be very difficult to navigate, and you find yourself isolated and alone. However, there is no need to travel the journey alone.

Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling

Ten-week sessions on communication and conflict resolution to move couples from conflict to forgiveness. These sessions can be individual, group, or workshops. The focus is on how to move forward and practice forgiveness and unity in the marriage.


The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest can lead to a range of behavioral and physical symptoms. These may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior, or self-esteem. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide. 


Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. It's a feeling of fear or apprehension about what's to come. A big event or a buildup of smaller stressful life situations may trigger excessive anxiety and worry. FCSCares.org can help you manage how you handle stress.

Trauma Recovery

Individuals are different in how they recover from the negative consequences of trauma.  For some, coping with trauma’s effects is a matter of time, patience, and self-care. Others may need more support from the helping profession.


Spirituality can be an important resource for patients to draw upon during recovery.  Belief in God has been associated with better treatment outcomes during intensive treatment, such as greater reductions in depressive symptoms and self-harm and improvement in psychological well-being.

Domestic Violence

Domestic and family violence is a crime. It's when there is violent, abusive or bullying behavior or actions towards a partner or former partner to scare and control them. It can happen at home or outside the home. It causes fear and harm to the body, mind and spirit. Everyone, deserves relationships free from domestic violence. When you're ready, we're here to listen with confidential support. 

Anger Management

Anger is a feeling or emotion that ranges from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. Anger becomes a problem when it is felt too intensely, is felt too frequently, or is expressed inappropriately. Feeling anger too intensely or frequently places extreme physical strain on the body.

New Therapists & Training

We offer training and supervision for new therapists and we also offer specific training & presentations for corporate health and wellness. We offer Recruitment/Training – Practicum/Internships, provide Supervision, offer Presentation Workshops – Mental Health in the Workplace , Improving Employee Relations-Morale, Power of Positive Thinking. We also offer Seminar and provide Staff Development.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Trauma Recovery Therapy
Person Centered Therapy
Existential Therapy
Solution Focus Therapy
Integrated Therapy
EMDR Therapy

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